Chew Cinders

by C. Reider


Cassette (SOLD OUT!) or Free Download available from Midnight Circles Tapes!!

Review by Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly #1072
And finally from Northern Colorado, owner of his own Vuzh Music label is C. Reider. He has a C26 tape and also uses found sound, field recordings and tape-manipulations. Lots of what Reider does here deals with the manipulation of time. Slowing down tapes, speeding them up, using digital manipulations that do effectively the same time, and we are never sure what the actual input was. Sometimes Reider works this out to be some sort of sound collage overlaying quite distinct sound sources together, and in other instances it becomes a dense cloud of sounds; its like he's picked up a bunch of motorboat recordings stuck together, and then that's followed by kitchen sink percussion; it works out pretty neat I think. If The first cassette reflects the noise side of ambient, the second is about the ambient of noise music, the Reider's music is the most musique concrete like effort of this lot, by using the collage form more than the others do, and this is from the rather naive side of that musical genre, but it's exactly because of that, that I find this really most enjoyable. (FdW)

Review by Mike Haley at TabsOut:
C. Reider’s “Chew Cinders” C26 plays like a dusty reel-to-reel found at an estate sale. Ideas of the original content remain intact, but just barely. As bits of strained words warp into swine-like snorts you can only imagine what was initially recorded on the magnetic tape before time and the elements ate away at them. Those antique distortions, with their airy, chalky bias, are met with the occasional synthy snaps, but this tape feels most at home trapped in mold.

Review by The Modern Folk
c. reider is a prolific ambient/noise/drone composer based in colorado. if you follow the cutting edge of experimental music and you like cassettes and netlabels, chances are you've heard one of his recordings before. His latest release is called 'chew cinders', out now on cassette from the german tape label midnight circles. the compositions on this tape focus on cut-up/collage techniques and changes in time and pitch, exploiting the property of sound that changes when a sample is stretched. slices of vocals and field recordings (notably i hear some trains, traffic and a lot of clanging metallic sounds) are played against an array of electronic instruments and synthesizers, making for some evocative soundscapes that blend organic with electronic, out with in, industrial with human, and past with future.


released February 11, 2017



C. Reider Berthoud, Colorado

C. Reider is a composer living in Northern Colorado.

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